Book of the Month (2024 April): “Mincho Type: Its Origin and Formation”

Today, I would like to introduce “Mincho Type: Its Origin and Formation,” written by Hiroshi Komiyama.

It is a heavy, large-sized book with a lot of content. However, Mr. Komiyama’s simple style of writing and carefully designed pages are easy to read and guide the reader through the text along with the related illustrations.

This book started from the question: “Was Mincho typeface in metal type possibly created by European people and not Chinese people?” The book indicates that, not limited to Asian countries, but European countries, such as France, England, and Austria, were also involved in the formation of the Mincho typeface. Furthermore, in terms of how it passed to Japan and developed domestically to the present day – the book attempts to clarify long and broad history of the Mincho typeface.

Note that the abundance of materials are collected in almost the actual size, so the type size can be checked in detail, and the character size of text in Chapter 8, Type in metal, wood or clay, is fixed in size. Having a clarified size enables further definite design. The real size this book provides made me realize the factor of clear beauty of characters at the time.

Book Information:
“Mincho Type: Its Origin and Formation”
Author: Hiroshi Komiyama
Publisher: Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Purchase Information:
Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd.


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