Book of the Month (September 2023): “Shintaro Ajioka’s Typeface Course”

Today, I would like to introduce “Shintaro Ajioka’s Typeface Course,” written by Shintaro Ajioka.

Typeface and typography-related writings of Shintaro Ajioka, the creator of Mincho typeface font “Ajimin” series, who is also a graphic designer, are included in this book. Details that led up to creating a typeface, type, copyright, etc. are discussed. The entire book is created with typesetting featuring typefaces created by the author, and it is also a sample book of typefaces.

The chapter of “Thoughts on Vertical Typesetting and Horizontal Typesetting” is about accepting horizontal typesetting, which is plentifully and naturally used now, at a time when the vertical typesetting was mainstream, and the way Japanese typeface and typography should be, absorbing history and culture – it is written with a sense of criticism. It is important to discuss typeface and typography with an eye of criticism like the author. I read this book with concern whether or not I have these words. For someone like me who works at a font maker, there are many stories I was fairly ashamed to hear. This book enlightened me with new perspectives.

Book Information:
“Shintaro Ajioka’s Typeface Course”
Author: Shintaro Ajioka
Publisher: Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Sousho

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