Book of the Month (March 2022): “Size-specific adjustments to type designs”

Today, I would like to introduce “Size-specific adjustments to type designs,” written by Tim Ahrens and Shoko Mugikura.

According to the character size used, variations with different structure and design of typeface may be contained in a family in Latin typeface. This book is about the historical background and application of optical scaling in typeface design, in which adjustment is made by size.

The first half of the book is writing based on the author’s thesis, but the latter half of the book is like a specimen of typeface with different styles by size. You can enjoy the differences even if you are not very good at English.

In the Type Project typefaces, such as TP Sky, Hama Mincho, etc., there are variations of contrast, etc., so that an appropriate style according to the usage application can be selected.

Book information:
“Size-specific adjustments to type designs”
 Author: Tim Ahrens, Shoko Mugikura
 Publisher: Just Another Foundry

Purchase information:
Just Another Foundry (Website in English)


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