Book of the Month (October 2022): “SANS SERIF”

Today, I would like to introduce “SANS SERIF,” written by Cees W. De Jong.

In this book, more than 30 types of major sans serif typefaces from 1900 to around 2000 are picked out and introduced with a great deal of illustrations and explanations. A book that focuses only on sans serif is very rare, and it is good that the focus can be made easily. As the structure keeps pace with the period, you may make various discoveries, such as the period a font currently used was created in, what fonts were fashionable in which periods, etc. It is enjoyable just to look at the illustrations, but there is also a lot of explanation. This book is recommended to anybody who is interested in learning about sans serif.

Book Information:
Author: Cees W. De Jong
Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Purchase Information:
You can purchase a used version on Amazon, but sale has regrettably concluded on the official website.


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