Book of the Month (December 2022) : “Reading Letters”

Today, I would like to introduce “Reading Letters,” written by Sofie Beier.

This book explains typeface visibility in detail. At a glance, it is a hard theme. However, the book is designed to be easy to understand, just looking at the illustrations included. Although there is a big theme of visibility, it is investigated from truly varied directions, such as history of character, shape, viewpoint movement, distance between people and character, etc., so that the information never becomes boring.

What does it mean for a typeface to be easy-to-read? It seems simple but it is quite a deep theme. How the typeface designers in the successive generations faced this issue and created typeface, and how the author patiently observed them can be understood. Nevertheless, there is no clear answer. It makes us think, however, that we can come closer to the best typeface by thinking from various perspectives. The book is recommended to anybody who is interested in learning deeply about typeface visibility.

Book Information:
“Reading Letters”
Author: Sofie Beier
Publisher: BIS Publishers

Purchase Information:
You can purchase a used version on Amazon, but sale has regrettably concluded on the official website.


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