Book of the Month (February 2023) : “The Visual History of Type”

Today, I would like to introduce “The Visual History of Type,” written by Paul McNeil.

In this book, carefully selected Latin typefaces from the 1400s to around 2000 are introduced. The structure is simple, and the sample book illustration of a typeface and its explanation are described in the spread. Special note should be taken for the amount. More than 320 typefaces over approximately 600 years are arranged in chronological order. You can get a sense of the history of typeface with turning of each page. As it is also a large-sized book of approximately 30 cm × 25 cm, illustrations difficult to find by yourself can be viewed in high-definition.

As many kinds of typefaces are exhaustively described, something outside the scope of your antenna must surely be included. This book is useful, therefore, for extending your knowledge. It is noted that the explanations are not too long, making the book more readable. As its presence as a book is huge, you may hesitate a little in purchasing it. it is certain, however, that the content does not betray the volume of the book. The book is recommended to anybody who is interested in Latin typefaces. I suggest that you take a look at the actual book for purchase consideration.

Book Information:
“The Visual History of Type”
Author: Paul McNeil
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

Purchase Information:
You can purchase the book from the official website.


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