Book of the Month (December 2021): “The Field Guide to Typography: Typefaces in the Urban Landscape”

Today, I would like to introduce “The Field Guide to Typography: Typefaces in the Urban Landscape,” written by Peter Dawson and translated by Yumiko Teshima.

The outline of approximately 120 Latin typefaces, photography of usage examples, and comparison and explanation of the same category typefaces are summarized. Although it is a long book with over 300 pages, one typeface is basically described on each double-page spread, so it can be read at ease by looking at the typeface of your interest first.

This book is especially recommended to those who want to learn more about Latin typeface, but don’t know where to start. The stories around each typeface that cannot be understood by just looking at typesetting are introduced in this book. After reading this book, you may start to notice the individual characteristics of typefaces that looked similar before. As the basic information is extensive, including category, year of creation, designer, etc., it may be useful when you want to learn more about a typeface.

Book information:
“The Field Guide to Typography: Typefaces in the Urban Landscape“
 Author: Peter Dawson
 Translation: Yumiko Teshima
 Publisher: BNN

Purchase information:
BNN Online Store


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