TP Sky Modern Blk Development Story 01: “Modern?”

When I first joined development of TP Sky Modern Blk, I often thought: “What is ‘modern’?” Although the trials for hiragana and Latin had already been conducted with the indicated goals, I felt I lacked the image of a “modern Japanese typeface” in regard to shaping the kanji and katakana that I was in charge of.

The reason for this was that I heard stories of impact and trends at the time of the beginning of the Japanese typeface categorized as modern style in the design and character industry, but I was still not born or was a baby at the time. Therefore, I had an impression that I personally “missed the experience of modern.” I therefore conducted research on the Japanese typeface I heard about. In addition, I tried to understand “modern” from the fields of Latin typeface, architecture, art, fashion, etc. Because I often listen to music while working, at the time I selected songs that I thought may match TP Sky Modern.

While getting to know the image of “modern” bit by bit, I found matching keywords, such as a “fashion that revives” and “diversified society” at the same time. I remember the excitement of imagining scenarios in which the completed font could be used as certainty grew that this was a “modern” typeface that would flourish in the future.


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