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Web Font Overview 04: “Web Font Distribution Format: Font Distribution Service”

There are mainly two distribution formats for web font: “utilization of a font distribution service” and “self-hosting.”

Here, “utilization of a font distribution service” is explained.

A font distribution service is a method to utilize a web font distribution service. It is not required to have font data on one’s own.

There are various services, including “REALTYPE,” which also distributes Type Project fonts, “Adobe Fonts,” which comes along with Adobe CC products, “Type Square,” “FONTPLUS,” “Dinafont Online,” distributed by each font vendor, etc.

These distribution services are distributed upon processing the font data difficult to be extracted on the reader side. In addition, characters contained in accordance with the web page (dynamic sub-setting) are optimized.

There are also services with original functions, such as a function to prevent flashing at the time of start displaying, a function to absorb the display difference depending on the environment, etc.


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