Corporate slogan, high affinity with AXIS Font


POLA declared 2002 as its year of re-establishment, and initiated the restructuring of its brand. The corporate philosophy of ‘Pola Value’ was summarized with three key phrases indicating the company’s provision of value to the customer: Respect for the individual, Superlative hospitality, and the Pursuit of premium quality. This sales locale-integrating value sensibility is now bearing fruit with the development of a new business style, exemplified by the motto ‘Pola the Beauty’.

In 2005, POLA began using AXIS Font for the transmission of customer-targeted information across the board, employing a uniform typeface for diverse forms of information presented via all types of media, from printed materials to the internet.

In addition, Type Project created the typeface for POLA’s corporate slogan from 2005 to 2011, ‘Hada ni utsukushii mirai o’ (‘For a beautiful future for the skin’). What we proposed, in line with POLA’s request for characters that would have a high affinity with AXIS Font, was a typeface based on the form of type known as Socho.