Oct. 2021
TP Sky Classic Hign and Middle Contrast released.
Jun. 2021
TP Sky Classic Low Contrast released.
Oct. 2020
TP Sky Modern Blk released.
Oct. 2020
Hama Mincho Italic of City Font project released.
Oct. 2020
Provided the Corporate fonts and branding fonts to TBS Holdings.
Jul. 2020
Tokyo City Font of City Font project released.
May. 2020
Three Latin font families from Dinamo added to FitFont Service.
Mar. 2020
Latin fonts from Grilli Type added to FitFont Service.
Mar. 2020
Kinshachi Font Hime of City Font project released.
Jul. 2019
Provided TP JPN National Parks Mincho to Ministry of the Environment.
May 2019
Released TP Sky FitFont.
May 2019
TP Sky Round released.
Oct. 2018
Annual subscription service TP Connect announced.
Apr. 2018
TP Sky Condensed and Compressed released.
Nov. 2017
Corporate Plan announced.
Nov. 2017
AXIS Round Condensed and Compressed released.
Oct. 2017
Academic Plan announced.
Oct. 2017
Academic Plan released.
Jul. 2017
Hama Mincho released.
Jul. 2017
Provided the Corporate fonts to DENSO and Sakura Internet.
Jun. 2017
SST JP released.
Apr. 2017
TP Sky released.
Mar. 2017
AXIS Round 100 released.
Jan. 2017
AXIS Round 50 released.
Nov. 2016
Drop&Type 2.0 released.
Apr. 2016
Drop&Type released.
Sep. 2015
Release AXIS FitFont.
Aug. 2015
Tokyo City Font announced.
Apr. 2015
Release TP Mincho FitFont
Dec. 2014
Release AXIS Font ProN
Feb. 2014
Release of TP Mincho
Oct. 2012
Adjustable Technology announced.
Oct. 2010
Kinshachi Font exhibition held (Nagoya).
Nov. 2009
AXIS Latin Pro released.
June 2009
City Font project launched; Kinshachi Font and Hama Mincho typefaces announced.
Jan. 2009
Release of AXIS Font Compressed
Dec. 2008
Type Project, Inc. established.
Sep. 2007
Release of AXIS Font Condensed.
Feb. 2007
Driver’s Font announced.
Jan. 2005
Creation of POLA INC. slogan logo ‘Hada ni utsukushii mirai o’ (‘For a beautiful future for the skin’).
Sep. 2002
Pola Museum of Art signage typeface created.
Sep. 2001
Announcement of AXIS Font
Apr. 2001
Type Project founded.


Sep. 2016
City Font Project receives Good Design Award.
Apr. 2015
Selected Top 100 Japanese should be proud in the world
Oct. 2010
AXIS Latin Pro receives Good Design Digital Contents Award.
Dec. 2009
City Font website selected Curator’s Choice at ‘Japan Media Arts Plaza’.
Oct. 2009
Good Design Frontier Design Award received for Driver’s Font.
Oct. 2008
AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed receive Good Design Communication Digital Media Award.
Oct. 2003
AXIS Font receives Good Design Communication Design Award.