About Us

To broaden the potential of letters. This is the central motivation behind Type Project. Starting with the production of AXIS Font in 2001, with the premise of developing it for use in a bilingual design magazine, Type Project has been engaged in highly original and forward-thinking endeavors with a focus on typeface development. The results have been outstanding, from basic fonts that raise the bar of next-generation typeface design standards, to custom fonts equipped with all-new functions and typefaces created for specific identity needs. “Make life more comfortable and richer through letters”. With this guiding principle, Type Project envisions our role as a 21st-century typeface design company presenting the letters that are ideally suited to the information-based society of the future.


Retail Fonts

In order to bring forth typefaces that are well suited to the demands of the coming era, Type Project is actively engaged in research, development and proposal planning of the fonts. With our meticulous handling of projects via an approach that puts emphasis on originality, and our ongoing development of richly imaginative typeface families, we have been receiving great acclaim from specialists in diverse industrial fields. The central principal of Type Project is to make the font with the usability and newness to meet advances in technology, in accordance with social and lifestyle changes.
Products: AXIS Font, AXIS Latin Pro, TP Mincho, TP Sky

Custom Fonts

We can adjust our retail fonts into pre-existing Latin character designs, using the fine-tuning tools we originally developed. We engage in the proposal and development of original corporate fonts that serve as a powerful and identity-expressing branding tool, and develop the font to embed into the application software or install as a system font. Our fonts can be applied effectively to cover a broad range of communication needs to assist development of next-generation fonts that take advantage of uniquely digital features.
Products: Corporate Fonts, FitFont, Device Fonts

Theme Font

Type Project works to propose new values, and thematic nature in typeface design is the perspective we value the most. Our company has been working on typeface creation with high specificity, including focuses on the cultural roots and historical backgrounds of typeface without too much of a bias on universality or multiplicity. We also work on the development of fonts incorporating the latest technology, and propose a variety of typefaces that include experimental elements. Theme Font is incorporated with the uniqueness of Type Project based on clear awareness of these approaches such as the City Font and the Seasonal Font.

City Font

Type Project is proceeding with the City Font project to reflect the uniqueness of the native cultures and histories of various cities into a typeface. The objective is to convey the respective city’s integrity, character and identity through the use of font. We aim to heighten the appeal of the city by having many people participate in the City Font project.
Products: Nagoya Kinshachi Font, Yokohama Hama Mincho, Tokyo City Font

Seasonal Font

Type Project launched the Seasonal Font Project as an attempt to enrich and express the Japanese language more delicately with a typeface designed to reflect seasonal features and the air of each season. In the Seasonal Font series, classics literature from different eras were referenced, and essences from international culture and art were widely incorporated in the process of developing new typefaces suitable for modern times.
Products: TP Iris, TP Meigetsu, TP Tsurara