Announcing Kinshachi Font Hime

Type Project has announced a new product, Kinshachi Font Hime. Kinshachi Font is a Mincho typeface in which symbols of Nagoya culture are incorporated, such as the curved form of the shachihoko tiger-headed carp in the starting point of a stroke, reflecting the shape of the curved gables of the castle in the uroko (fish scale: the triangular shape at the end part of a horizontal stroke) of the kanji character. Utilizing the originality of kanji, kana, and Latin, respectively, Kinshachi Font Hime is a fresh, challenging, and glamorous font that is harmonized as an overall typeface. Kinshachi Font Hime consists of kanji with elements of unique and gorgeous ornamentation, kana with a classical atmosphere modeling graceful *onnade (characters written by women) from the Heian period, and Latin with ornamental designs similar to curly hair.