Announcing TP Sky Round

TP Sky is the first Japanese font to incorporate three design attributes: weight, contrast and character width. This font family, which allows users to choose the roundness of the corners, boosts the TP Sky line-up of fonts. Recent years have seen an increased in use of modulated sans-serif fonts around the world. Even though they are slowly being used more frequently in the Japan market, there are limited choices among Japanese fonts. Modulated sans-serif Round fonts are also few, so we developed Round 50 and Round 100 with five weights each as part of the TP Sky series, for which demand was high. Round 50 is a slightly milder TP Sky, which has a sharp quality. Round 100 is a clear, round Gothic, with a controlled softness. All 30 fonts in the Round series, which rapidly spread the use of TP Sky in fields, such as food, fashion, cosmetics and entertainment, allow designers to select the ideal font depending on the purpose and use.