Announcing AXIS FitFont

Type Project, Inc. announced the launch of AXIS FitFont enabling detailed adjustment of weight and width. Type Project has partnered with Monotype and Commercial Type to provide combined font sets with their Latin fonts. FitFont is Type Project’s unique service to allow use of an onscreen slider bar to toggle font settings before purchase based on the firm’s proprietary technologies. FitFont enables AXIS Font, one of Type Project’s popular retail fonts, to offer a wider range of expressive possibilities as AXIS FitFont. The expanded portfolio provides a sans serif typeface empowered with adjustable functions of weight and width, which can be modified from Basic of 100% to Compress of 60%, to meet with diverse tastes and needs. Type Project has renewed its online shop so that users can adjust, confirm, and purchase AXIS Font and TP Mincho to fit with popular Latin fonts of Monotype and Commercial Type simply selectable from the FitFont service pull-down menu