Latin Italic 05: “Inclination of Italic 1”

In the previous article of this series “Design Process of Italic,” inclination of character is mentioned as an example of comparison points between regular and italic. As the impression of the whole typeset sentence depends on the intensity of inclination, it is an important element to be noted at the time of italic creation or font selection.

As italic is originally a typeface in which cursive script for speedy handwriting was put into print, the intensity of inclination angle is related to the intensity of writing speed. When writing a sentence horizontally in handwriting, there is a tendency that the faster you try to write, the more inclined the characters are to the right, which is the writing direction. Therefore, it can be said that a largely right-inclined design gives a speedy and dynamic impression, and the closer it is to regular, it tends to give a relaxed, static impression.

Also, the strength of inclination influences the conspicuous degree of italic in mixed typesetting with regular. When inclination is strong, the difference in character shape with regular becomes significant, and the part with italic typesetting looks stands out.

Also, in the actual italic creation process, several design patterns with different angles are often prepared in the initial stage, and a mixed typesetting test with regular is conducted, etc. to adjust the overall atmosphere and conspicuous method.


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