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Introduction to Examples of TP Font Usage: “Book Titles Part 4”

Type Project fonts will be introduced based on examples of usage in different media, including packages, books, websites, and advertisements.
I would like to introduce translated books in this article.

“How Music Works”

Author: David Byrne
Translator: Mono Nonaka
Publisher: Eastpress
Book Information:

[Type Project Font Used]

Title: AXIS Font Compressed M

For this book on music written by David Byrne, formerly of Talking Heads, AXIS Font Compressed is used for the title and the name of the author.

The simple design with only the outline of characters and speaker icon on the catchy orange surface provides both stylish and pop impressions.

Typesetting with loosened space between the characters is matched well with the simple and airy design of AXIS Font.

“Greed Is Dead: Politics After Individualism”

Authors: Paul Collier and John Kay
Translators: Yukio Ikemoto and Hiroyuki Kuribayashi
Publisher: Keiso Shobo
Book Information:

[Type Project Font Used]

Title: TP Mincho Low Contrast R

Subtitle: TP Mincho Low Contrast M, B

For this book on politics and economy written by British economists, TP Mincho Low Contrast is used for the title, subtitle, and the names of the authors.

With black and white colors and only characters, the design elements are stoic. Combined with the content of the title, the stoic design gives a strong, tense atmosphere.

As the sweeping tip and horizontal strokes of TP Mincho Low Contrast are created thicker than the normal Mincho typeface, strength is secured without using Mincho typeface with thick weight. This case is a good example of that.

By the way, GT Sectra of Grilli Type, Type Project’s Latin font partner, is used for Latin font. Its compatibility with TP Mincho is great!

You can read the interview article with Noël Leu of Grilli Type.

“A Toolkit for Modern Life: 53 Ways to Look After Your Mind”

Author: Emma Hepburn
Translator: Chisato Kimura
Publisher: Discover 21, Inc.
Book Information:

“A Toolkit For Happiness: 53 Ways to Feel Better”

Author: Emma Hepburn
Translator: Chisato Kimura
Publisher: Discover 21, Inc.
Book Information:

[Type Project Font Used]

Title: AXIS Round 100 Compressed L

Subtitle: AXIS Round 100 Condensed R

For this book series on psychology and mental health, AXIS Round 100 Compressed and AXIS Round 100 Condensed are used for the titles and subtitles.

Lovely illustrations and thinner Narrow Round Gothic give feelings of both familiarity and elegance.

AXIS Round 100 Condensed and Compressed are effective, with the unique individuality of Narrow Round Gothic and sharp impression of AXIS Font.


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