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Introduction to Example of TP Font Usage: “Websites Part 1”

Type Project font will be introduced based on examples of usage in each medium, including packages, books, websites, and advertisements.
I would like to introduce websites first.

・Information is as of May 2023.

Hewlett Packard Japan, G.K.

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AXIS Font Basic

AXIS Font Basic R is used extensively and mainly. By unifying the fonts and narrowing the number of weights, the website gives a minimal, elegant, and very intelligent impression.

It seems that AXIS Font Basic, which is good at typesetting a clear and intelligent expression, matches very well with the website. As there is a relatively large amount of Latin text, one of the features of AXIS Font – a good relationship at mixed typesetting of Japanese and Latin – shows its effectiveness.

Keiyo Gas Co., Ltd.

[Type Project Font Used]
AXIS Font Basic

AXIS Font Basic is used extensively and mainly.

When there is a lot of information that must be delivered, the impression may tend towards complexity. However, using the seven variations of AXIS Font Basic weight differently and adding balance, it contributes to a feeling of unification and comprehensibility in the website.

Arch Inc.

[Type Project Font Used]
TP Sky Low Contrast

TP Sky Low Contrast is extensively used, a font family designed to be effective on screens.

A combination between the vivid pink background and clear design of TP Sky gives a fresh and bright impression. Also, TP Sky Low Contrast, with its highly stable reading, can maintain high readability on screens even when text is small.


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