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Introduction to Example of TP Font Usage: “Iemon Jasmine”

TP font will be introduced based on the example of usage in each medium, such as package, book, website, advertisement, etc. Today, “Jasmine” of the Iemon series drink is introduced.

Seller:Suntory Communications Ltd.
Font used:AXIS Font,TP Sky Round 50,AXIS SUNTORY TP

“Fresh scent is expressed in the modern and elegant characters”
Iemon Jasmine is a jasmine tea made of green tea with the fresh scent and pleasant taste of astringency and sharpness derived from green tea. In the Japanese part of package, the modern and elegant characters are effectively used in a design with a light impression.

Type Project font used: AXIS Font
For the product name “Jasmine” and the phrase “Fresh Scent,” AXIS Font, which gives a modern and elegant impression, is used.
The AXIS Font effectively portrays the freshness of jasmine.

Type Project font used: TP Sky Round 50
TP Sky Round 50, in which the corners of modulated sans-serif typeface TP Sky are slightly rounded, is used in the “Jasmine” and “Hot” parts in hot Jasmine.
While the fresh scent of jasmine is kept as is, the font gives a warm and mild impression.

Type Project font used: AXIS SUNTORY TP
For both iced and hot drinks, AXIS SUNTORY TP is used for the raw material and cautionary description parts.

These parts require a description featuring a large amount of information in a narrow space while maintaining readability.
AXIS SUNTORY TP is a customized font provided for display typesetting.
For more information, please read the development story.


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