Behind the Scenes in Typeface Creation: “Creating Customized Emoji in Slack”

There is a reaction function incorporating emoji in the business chat tool “Slack.” In addition to the default emoji, customized emoji can be registered.

Customized emoji for “Please,” “Thank you,” etc. can be useful for casual conversation. However, there are many cases in which excessive narrow font deformation is made to store text in small squares, so, I created customized emoji without narrow font deformation in the Type Project fonts prepared with various character widths.

The two series of AXIS Round 100 and TP Sky Middle Contrast, which already have families designed with narrow fonts, were chosen for this occasion.

Here is the completed customized emoji (on the left). It is placed with one created in narrow font deformation (on the right). AXIS Round 100 seems to match the Slack user interface with roundness. As TP Sky Middle Contrast gives an elegant impression, I think it blends well with the business context.


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