Introduction to FitFont Service 08: “Example 3”

In this series, examples of developing and providing fonts with the utilization of the FitFont technology for Alpine AXIS and DENSO corporate font were introduced. The third example is the branding font and corporate font for the TBS project.

Type Project designed the original Latin font, and provided it after combining it with Japanese font. The newly designed Latin as a TBS branding font was embedded in AXIS FitFont Japanese, and provided as “TBS Sans TP.”

For their corporate font, the fonts with the optimal numerical value as the corporate font from AXIS FitFont and TP Mincho FitFont were selected, and provided as “TBS Gothic TP” and “TBS Mincho TP.” Apart from the examples introduced in the past, corporate fonts and customized fonts were provided for many global companies including Sony and Suntory. As it is understood from the examples, FitFont can correspond flexibly to various cases with its highly generalized function.


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