Introduction to FitFont Service 01: “What is FitFont?”

FitFont provided by Type Project is a design solution in which the parameters for weight, contrast, character width, etc. can be freely adjusted. Due to a feature in which the parameters for multiple axes can be adjusted seamlessly, many people may think that it is a variable font. FitFont, however, has features different from a variable font.

While a variable font dynamically adjusts with a slider, etc. on application, FitFont only provides the already-adjusted instance. FitFont specializes in providing the optimal choice in accordance with user application.

A “combined font” can also be provided through FitFont.
This is a technique often utilized in a corporate font project, etc. It integrates a company’s Latin corporate font and Japanese font into one font file, so that it can be provided in an easy-to-use form in any application.


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