Constituent of Kanji and Creation Points 05: “Consistency”

To create a radical, there is a group of patterns that are approved, such as making a certain stroke in a stop brush or sweeping. Even with choices made freely, taking a broad view of character design, choices are limited to the design policy of one font in many cases. In the beginning stages of font creation, several different patterns may be selected. The kanji characters are then lined up according to radical to check whether kanji characters with different patterns are mixed. Even when radicals with the same pattern are unified, proper adjustment is made depending on the element matching the radical. Therefore, the degree of adjustment, height of gravity center, thickness of strokes, etc. are checked and corrected during checking in the closing stages, to keep dispersion in appearance to a minimum. Meticulous checking is essential to creating fonts with strict consistency to ensure that the same radicals look the same.


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