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Web Font Overview 05: “Web Font Distribution Format: “Self-Hosting”

There are mainly two distribution formats for web font: “utilization of a font distribution service” and “self-hosting.”

Here, the format “self-hosting” is explained.

Self-hosting is a method where the website creator places the font file on a server to utilize the font within the website.

It can be utilized freely without caring much about the number of readers or settings. Simply placing the font file on a server, however, has a weakness in that the font data can be easily extracted by a reader with knowledge.
Therefore, there are many fonts with licenses that prohibit self-hosting.

When using self-hosting, be sure to clarify the font license and relations of right beforehand.

Upon inquiry, Type Project can provide fonts that enable self-hosting (specific terms, such as obfuscation of font data, etc. may apply).

If you want to implement web font casually, “Google Fonts” is a good source of various fonts with licenses for self-hosting.


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