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Web Font Overview 02: “Glamour and Advantages of Web Font”

The utilization of web font has various glamour and advantages. First of all, web font allows us to regulate impression and improve on a brand’s image. As briefly mentioned in the previous article, it cannot be said that the utilization of web font is common in Japan, but web font usage has increased, to this point only in relation to situations in which the brand and impression are important. It can be understood by looking at web design reference site in Japan, etc.

Web font can be an effective means in situations where it is required to express a brand and deliver information in an impressive manner on a corporate website, landing page, etc. Type Project manages various corporate font cases; web font is utilized in most cases.

Also, web font has the advantage of displaying the same font regardless of the reader environment. From this, there are advantages with regard to creation, such as something obvious like unification of page impression, and strong resistance against broken layout due to font differences. Also, when web font is not used, ornamental characters are inserted as images. This necessitated preparing the image to a specific resolution and layout, and re-creating images at the time of a change in wording. Such man-hours can be significantly reduced.

Gradually, the perspective of accessibility that a web page should be “easily utilized by anyone” has drawn attention in recent years. In the case of the previously mentioned characters made into an image, the character information may fail to be delivered on the implementation method, resulting in loss of accessibility, such as the information not being understood when the image cannot be read, and visually impaired individuals cannot read the information using a screen reader. As web font can keep characters as they are in character information, accessibility can be maintained while using ornaments.


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