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Web Font Overview 01: “What is Web Font?”

Web font is a technology that enables displaying a web page in a specific font by reading font data from the internet.

Although it cannot be said that web font is commonly used in Japan yet, many websites and services in English-speaking countries have already been utilizing web font.

As a test, the same website is created in different fonts.
*Information on these websites and images is imaginary, created only for this article.

Only the fonts are changed, but it is understood that the impression given by these websites is significantly changed.

Switching the font changes the expression of a website; you may feel a change in impression and tone given by the sentence.

Also, the characters in the Type Project website (https://typeproject.com) are displayed in web font, so the font can be switched.

In website design, text is currently a very important graphic element that influences the overall website impression and brand.

In this series, the glamour of web font and its specific usages and technical aspects will also be explained.



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