Recombination of Kanji and Kana 04: “Recomposition with Fit Font”

The FitFont simulator in the Type Project website corresponds to not only the recomposition of Japanese and Latin, but also the recomposition of kanji and kana.

Regarding the fitting procedure, when recomposing only kana for Font B based on Font A, for example, I start from making the kana thickness and character width of Font B closer to the kana of Font A. After recomposing the kana of Font B, I make slight adjustments. I increase or decrease the display size, and check. When it looks like a stable typesetting, the fitting is complete.

This image is a sample of the recomposition between kanji and kana of fit fonts fitted by the PIC named K on the Type Project Official Instagram Page. The combination between the different systems – TP Sky sans-serif typeface and TP Mincho from the Mincho typeface – is blended by adjusting weight and contrast. As the image is changed from typesetting before recomposition, new utilization applications seem to increase.


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