Recombination of Kanji and Kana 05: “Recomposition with Ready-Made Font”

At this time, I prepared a sample illustration of recomposition that can be done by using the TP Sky series. Although all kanji characters are the same, kana characters are recomposed to higher contrast and narrowed counter to aim at archiving more modulation between kanji and kana. TP Sky series is a Japanese typeface with four axes. Combining round development at two stages, the total is ninety-one fonts – it is a big family. In addition to being rich in variation, the simple and clear design and consistent weight development of the series widen the possibilities of recomposition.

Type Project also has other font families with multiple axes, such as weight, character width, contrast, etc. As you can select fonts freely from the enhanced development of TP connect, which is a flat annual rate service, please try various recompositions.


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