From TP’s Stack: “Johnston’s Underground Type”

Today, I would like to introduce “Johnston’s Underground Type,” written by Justin Howes, and translated by Yoshio Goto.

The underground type Johnston sans was created for the Transport for London in 1916. The achievements of Edward Johnston, who created the typeface, as well as the typeface creation process, the bull’s eye logo, and re-designed New Johnston, etc. are introduced and explained along with a variety of other materials in this book.

The process of corrections of character shape drawn many times upon trial and error, and the fact that Johnston sans significantly influenced sans-serif typeface later are very interesting. This book is recommended for anybody who is interested in learning about the history of dedicated typeface and corporate identity design.

Book information:

“Johnston’s Underground Type”

Author: Justin Howes

Translator: Yoshio Goto

Publisher: Uyu Shorin

Purchase information:ジョンストンのロンドン地下鉄書体-―-Johnstons-Underground-type/dp/4904596013


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