TP Sky Modern Blk Development Story 03: “Experiment!”

I introduced the story of the “adjustment of the structure and thickness in kanji trials” in the previous article of the series. There were various other adjustments and experiments in the trial stage, including making samples with type face rates at intervals of a few percent. As the largest possible type face rate was adopted in the end, when solid typesetting is made in Modern Blk, the space between characters is narrow, and characters line up tightly.

In other experiments with awareness of thickness, samples were made with an extended font. In another experiment, character width of kanji was changed after dividing the number of strokes. As there is a round family in TP Sky, a sample with a rounded Modern Blk was created. In the trial stage in particular, there are many cases of stopping on the way that may not be directly reflected on the product to be released, but it is also an enjoyable time to test various ideas.


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