Optimization of Web Font 03: “File Format”

There are several formats for web fonts. Currently, it is a good choice to use WOFF or WFF2 format in most cases.

The major difference between WOFF and WOFF2 is the compression algorithm. The compression ratio is higher for WOFF2. As there is no compatibility between the two formats, it is not possible to read WOFF2 as WOFF or vice versa.

In choosing which format to use, judgment is made by looking at the supporting browser.

When specifying with @font-face, the format is specified in the format syntactic as follows:

@font-face{ font-family: "TP Web Font"; src: url("/path/to/webfont.woff2") format("woff2") }

OTF and TTF files can be converted to WOFF and WOFF2 files. The following tools can be used:

However, file format conversion is applicable to modification of the font file, and most font makers, including Type Project, do not normally approve it. To perform processing like this, it is necessary to clarify the font license and relations of right.


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