Kanji Creation and Radicals 01: “Common Radicals”

As previously introduced in this blog, kanji can be categorized by radical. Although the number of radical categories varies depending on the dictionary, there are some radicals that have conspicuously high appearance frequency. In creation, kusa-kanmuri, ki-hen, sanzui, nin-ben, and te-hen seem common in particular. In the actual case of standard version (StdN), while kanji characters with wa-kanmuri are around 10, there are over 300 kanji characters with kusa-kanmuri: the number of characters is distinctively different.

Due to this difference in the number of characters, what did people who developed kanji care for and what did they create in sentences in their everyday lives – I often try to imagine people’s lives at the time. If the present time is a time of active metabolism of kanji, is the ratio of dominating existence of water, grass, tree, people, and hand different?



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