【Project】Sakura Internet FitFont project

In an effort to strengthen its brand on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of its founding,Sakura Internet spent a year studying rebranding, and arrived at the motto “Change want-to-do into can-do” as an expression of its brand concept. To realize this concept, Nippon Design Centerdrew up a visual identity (VI) plan with a new logo and developed an original Latin character font. Type Project provided a Japanese font that was customized from TP Sky, together with a corporate font, “Haru TP”, which was created by combining that typeface with Nippon Design Center’s Latin character font. Satoru Kawahara of Sakura Internet, Tomoyuki Arima of Nippon Design Center and Isao Suzuki of Type Project look back on the Haru TP project.


Announcing Hama Mincho

Type Project has announced a new product, Hama Mincho. Hama Mincho’s design incorporates the scale and distinctive character of the city of Yokohama, and for styles that accentuate vertical/horizontal stroke contrasts, Hama Mincho is created with the aim of expressing the city of Yokohama’s broadmindedness and openness to adopting new things. Hama Mincho is designed as a family series, with the four categories of Caption, Text, Headline and Display, each of which is available in six weights.


Developed TP Sky customized version as SAKURA Internet’s corporate font.

Type Project collaborated with Nippon Design Center to develop the corporate fonts, Haru TP, for SAKURA Internet. Type Project designed 7 new Kana glyph and also handled the recomposition engineering of Nippon Design Center -produced Latin typefaces for use with TP Sky.

Developed DENSO’s corporate font; DENSO TP 2017 and DENSO Sans TP 2017

Type Project collaborated with Kontrapunkt based in Copenhagen to develop the corporate fonts for Denso; DENSO TP 2017 and DENSO Sans TP 2017. Type Project has adjusted the weight of the AXIS Font using its own technology FitFont, and also handled the recomposition engineering of Kontrapunkt -produced Latin typefaces for use with Japanese typefaces.

Announcing SST JP

SST is a corporate font that was developed jointly by Sony Corporation and Monotype. Type Project, on receiving a commission from Monotype, developed the Japanese typeface SST JP. Sony’s “product qualities” are extended to and recreated in the kana character design, while AXIS Font is employed for the kanji character parts. Type Project also handled the recomposition engineering of Monotype-produced Latin typefaces for use with Japanese typefaces.


【Project】Alpine FitFont project

Production Type builds a comprehensive type program for Alpine, France’s storied brand of fast and fun automobiles. Type Project collaborated with Production Type to expand the Alpine Ascension family of Japanese typefaces, the Alpine AXIS. To develop Alpine AXIS, Type Project has adjusted the weight of the AXIS Font using its own technology FitFont. Based in Paris, Production Type is a digital type design agency. We interviewed Jean-Baptiste Levée, founder of of Production Type.


Announcing TP Sky

Announcing TP Sky
Type Project has announced a new product, TP Sky that is a font family designed with the attribute of “modulation” incorporated into a sans-serif typeface so as to improve its effectiveness on digital device screens. Aspiring to a high degree of purity, its design lays emphasis on smoothness of outline. Due to its simplicity, which suits the orientation of society while also minimizing the number of control points, TP Sky demonstrates superior imaging speed. The TP Sky family consists of five basic weights that are crucial to the handling of character information, and three contrast levels that are useful for improving legibility.


【Interview】LIBCO Design Company

LIBCO Design Company offers its clients everything from project proposals to photography direction. With a ten-designer team led by art director Akira Kuriyama, LIBCO always has at least ten projects underway at any given time, and is continually engaged in design direction, expanding into the e-books business, and handling photography, video editing and other aspects of image production. LIBCO handled the design of the book of Masayuki Okuda, the owner-chef of the Italian restaurant “Al-ché-cciano”, Okuda’s introduction to both his Shonai-focused seasonal cuisine and his food philosophy. We have interviewed Akira Kuriyama, CEO and Art Director, and Tomohiro Hara, Designer of LIBCO Design Company.


Announcing AXIS Round 100

Announcing AXIS Round 100
Type Project has announced a new product. AXIS Round 100. AXIS Round 100 is a “contemporary round Gothic” that is both approachable and possessed of a sense of being neatly attired. As the inside diameter has not been rounded in the manner of most round Gothics, the sharp expressiveness of the modern sans-serif remains. AXIS Round 50, with its slight curvature and calm expressiveness, and Round 100, whose stroke tips are almost semicircular. With the addition of the Round series to the simple and human-feeling AXIS Font family, more avenues of expression are available than ever before.


【Interview】Surface & Architecture, Inc.

Surface & Architecture aims to bring about new experiences through cutting-edge technology, and from the wonder and inspiration thus aroused, to offer people “a new map of the world”. Having handled everything from concept proposal to design on numerous projects for corporate clients, when it came to the design of its own website, Surface & Architecture decided on AXIS Font Condensed. Furthermore, while Surface & Architecture treats its own website as a portfolio of past projects and has therefore given it a neutral image overall, by modifying weights for a given page or item of content, there are various feminine and masculine aspects that have been brought out as well. We have interviewed Yusuke Okamura, Nozomi Nagayama and Tetsuya Dota.