Font Typesetting Function 09: “JIS90 Character Shape (jp90)”

Two types of the character “巷” (chimata) are arranged in the figure. Which character looks more familiar to you? The left character is given in the dictionary. The shape of the right character used to be seen frequently on computers for a period of time. At that time, this shape was also seen in some books and magazines, but it is no longer seen as frequently now.

The Japanese fonts currently provided by Type Project have “N” attached to the name, such as “AXIS Font ProN,” and “TP Mincho StdN.” For fonts with “N” attached, inputting “chimata” and changing it to a kanji character should result in displaying the character form on the left. If you would like to display the type on the right, you need to use an OpenType feature called “JIS83 Character Shape (jp83)” or “JIS90 Character Shape (jp90)” to replace the glyph.

In this series, I introduced the GPOS features for “adjusting the glyph position.” From here, I would like to introduce the GSUB features for “replacing the glyph.”


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