Incorporate the use of Web fonts in the way that best suits your needs

Type Project’s fonts are available for use as Web fonts via three different usage modes: Subscription, Enterprise Model and Self-Hosting.

Subscription (for individuals and small businesses)

Subscription is a service that makes it possible to use the Web fonts one wants, for only as long as one wants. Only those characters that need to appear on one’s website are downloaded as a subset, which allows for highly responsive display. Charges for this service are calculated based on the number of page views, so it is appropriate for use by individuals and small businesses. Type Project’s fonts may be used on Realtype’s Once registration on the Web fonts service is carried out, they are available for use starting the same day.


All the fonts of Type Project Web fonts may be used, with the necessary display characters downloaded as a subset. Charges are calculated based on the number of page views and the number of characters used.

Enterprise Model (for midsize and large businesses)

Web font operations of Enterprise Model are offered exclusively to customers in cloud environments. High-speed display is realized by creating subsets of only those characters that are needed. As these environments are not open to the general public, in addition to AXIS Font, AXIS Round, AXIS Latin Pro and TP Mincho, usage of original Web fonts generated with FitFont is suitable as well. This service is appropriate for use by midsize and large businesses with average monthly page views of 100,000 or more. Enterprise Model is available by annual contract.
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Self-Hosting (for FitFont-using customers)

With this service, customers use their own servers to host original fonts generated with FitFont, and font files are supplied as full sets. It is appropriate for use in cases when coordination with an external server is undesirable, such as with financial matters.
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Actual usage examples

Surface & Architecture, Inc.


Quadrangle / BBKBRNK Partners

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