Fitting the Purpose and the Application

Type Project has developed adjustable functions that make it possible to retain a balanced state with proper character proportions, even when the weight, contrast or character width is changed. FitFont Service makes use of these functions to create fonts that are capable of dynamic variations while still preserving design consistency and quality. Much in the same way that one can adjust the volume to one’s liking when listening to music, this service allows one to carry out fine adjustments of character thickness and contrast in accordance with the purpose and the application. This is the FitFont concept.

Expanding the Potential of Corporate Fonts

Maybe there’s no font on the market available in the weight you are looking for, or you want a font that’s different from what other companies are using. FitFont Service has been developed to respond to such needs. You can choose a font to be the voice of your company by adjusting the weight, width or contrast of AXIS Font and TP Mincho. By altering the alphabetic characters used in Japanese-language content situations and realizing a proper balance of Japanese and Latin font, you can completely transform the impression created by your company’s message. FitFont Service enables you to realize the best combination of characters by adjusting AXIS Font or TP Mincho to fit a given Latin font. For global-scale enterprises that specify the use of Latin corporate fonts, FitFont may be the perfect solution.

About Using the Service

If you are looking for a font that is a perfect match with the Latin corporate font of a foreign-affiliated company, the Fit Font Service is a highly cost-effective choice. Both AXIS Font and TP Mincho FitFont have total of 1,071 variations each. This service has made it possible to select the most compatible typeface for each monitor size and screen resolution, or optimized typeface for advertisements or print materials. Simply put, this service is a universal design solution.
AXIS Font: 21 width levels and 51 weight levels
TP Mincho: 21 contrast levels and 51 weight levels

We have made a careful selection of recommended Latin fonts, such as basic typefaces and very popular typefaces that are highly compatible with AXIS Font or TP Mincho. You can adjust the weight, width or contrast of AXIS Font or TP Mincho in accordance with the Latin font selected from the pull-down menu. You can confirm the beautiful harmony of the Japanese and Latin texts, and the surprising appeal of their combination.

We carry out fine adjustments to the Japanese font’s weight and width or contrast and deliver the optimal font for your needs in accordance with the Monotype or Commercial Type’s Latin font. The Combined font, adjusted AXIS FitFont or TP Mincho FitFont in accordance with the Latin font, will be perfect for global companies who have already established with a Latin corporate font, or design companies who produce the original Latin font. FitFont realizes the company needs for the beautiful harmony of Japanese and Latin font, to achieve a higher representation.

Combined Font development takes approximately two months. In addition to AXIS Font or TP Mincho licensing, total costs will include Combined Font development fee and Latin font licensing fees. The FitFont Service offers Combined Font development with other companies’ Latin fonts (approval by the Latin font vendor/designer is necessary for making combined fonts). To request a Combined Font, please contact us at

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