Corporate Plan

A Corporate Font as the Company’s Voice 

If a company is a person, the corporate font is the voice it speaks with. Employing fonts tailored to this voice at all points of contact between company and user gives the user a consistent image of the company, and steadily builds the perception of reliability that is a vital asset for any company.
A corporate font not only enhances a company’s brand value, but also establishes a firm identity, which leads stronger internal branding as well.

As part of our ongoing initiative to expand the possibilities of text, Type Project offers corporate fonts in which companies can find their “voices.” Today the world is in the midst of a transition from analog to digital, and from paper to online media. Type Project has been ahead of the curve in developing fonts compatible with media diversification, including designs that are tailored to horizontal typesetting, compliant with UD (universal design) standards, suitable for display on digital screens, and take display speed into account. We have developed technologies to adjust weights and character widths in accordance with other companies’ Latin fonts, and we provide corporate fonts to major electronics manufacturers and automobile manufacturers both in Japan and abroad.

Three Features

We offer 20 fonts from which you can choose, in accordance with your objectives, so as to communicate your company‘s character in a manner not possible with standard system fonts.

1. Yearly contracts

You can select from two types of contracts, Basic (from which you can select four fonts, with up to 10 licensed uses) and Advanced (with an unlimited number of licensed uses).

2. Original font names

Add your company name, up to seven characters, to your chosen fonts. Incorporating your company name into font names solidifies your company’s identity and strengthens internal branding.

3. Web fonts

Choose from a subscription model, where you can utilize subsets consisting only of characters required for display, or an enterprise model that provides Web font operations exclusively for customers in a cloud environment.

Payment Plans

We offer two types of yearly contracts, Basic (choose four from a list of strictly selected fonts, with up to 10 licensed uses) and Advanced (with an unlimited number of licensed uses).


Initial set up fee: ¥100,000

Annual fee: ¥200,000


Initial set up fee: ¥400,000

Annual fee: ¥2,000,000

See details: Type Project Corporate Plan (PDF)


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