Built-in Fonts

Built-in Fonts That Raise Product Value

In our everyday lives, there are more and more occasions for seeing fonts on display devices of all kinds, from smartphones and tablets to car instrument panels and digital signage. In tandem with the ongoing digitization of display environments and the advancements in screen resolution and device miniaturization, the functionality required of fonts has become increasingly sophisticated as well. Type Project employs an original approach of keeping abreast of technological advances in order to provide fonts that, by being loaded onto devices and servers of all types or used as built-in features of applications, raise the value of digital products.

On User Interfaces

The simple and easy-to-read sans-serif typeface AXIS Font imbues user interfaces with a crisp, sophisticated appearance. As seven font weights are available, from UL (Ultra Light) to H (Heavy), it is possible to maintain design consistency on smartphones and tablets while accommodating a great range of expression. In addition, TP Mincho Low Contrast, with its close resemblance to Gothic, allows for an expanded range of choices for using Mincho typefaces on information device screens and in other areas previously dominated by Gothic typefaces.

On Wearable Devices

AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed were designed with differing character widths depending on the kind of character – kanji, kana or alphabet – so as to make it possible to raise the economic efficiency of the information space without sacrificing beauty or readability. This should prove highly beneficial for use on smartwatches and other wearable digital devices with increasingly miniaturized screens.

On Electronic Book Readers

TP Mincho is a Mincho typeface designed with optimized horizontal-layout double-byte characters, with the aim of maximizing usability and readability in digital environments. Legibility can be adjusted in accordance with the screen size and resolution, making it ideal as a typeface for horizontal layouts on electronic book readers.

Bitmap Fonts and TrueType

The basic format for Type Project’s Built-in Fonts is OpenType, but we can accommodate a wide range of requests, such as providing fonts in Bitmap Font or TrueType formats for use with rendering engines, or adding special characters and symbols.

Usage Examples

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