Corporate Fonts

The Corporate Font as the ‘Voice’ of the Corporation

Even as our communications media undergo a shift from analog to digital and from paper to cyberspace, text characters are continuing to play a central role in the transmission of information. If a corporation is likened to a person, then the corporate font that is used to put a face to its words may be regarded as something akin to a voice. In any of the points of contact between company and user – advertisements, shops, the Web, packaging, business cards and presentation materials, for instance – applying fonts that are right for the company’s ‘voice’ gives a sense of continuity to clients’ images of the company, and builds the valuable asset of reliability.

Fonts as Branding Tools

In today’s era of media diversification, corporate fonts are gaining notice as a new approach to expressing corporate identity. Applying standardized company fonts across a wide range of media enables the realization of a consistent corporate image, while also eliminating the need for time-consuming font selection. In addition, the extensive, long-term use of company fonts can result in reduced costs.

Corporate Fonts Proposed by Type Project

Type Project has four different proposals for adopting corporate fonts.

Retail Fonts

The Type Project-developed AXIS Font and TP Mincho are distinctive for being easy to read without the need for advanced typesetting techniques, and both fonts are recognized for the high quality of their Latin text design. Companies such as Pola Incorporated and Toyo Kitchen & Living Co. have adopted AXIS Font for use as corporate fonts that have received acclaim even outside their industries.

In addition, Type Project’s Web Fonts allow for enhanced consistency of corporate image on the Web with that conveyed in catalogs and brick-and-mortar stores. AXIS Font and TP Mincho Web Fonts are available from Monotype Imaging.
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FitFont is a service that enables the selection of a better ‘fit’ when AXIS Font or TP Mincho retail font do not suit the company’s voice. The most appropriate font can be selected using a slide bar to make minute adjustments of weight, width and contrast.

If you are looking for a font that is a perfect match with the Latin text corporate font of a foreign-affiliated company, the Fit Font Service is a highly cost-effective choice. Camper Japan currently uses AXIS Font as a Japanese-language corporate font that is used in combination with a Latin text font.
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Custom Fonts

By developing original hiragana and katakana fonts and combining them with our Retail Fonts, a company’s distinctiveness can be brought to the fore. Type Project uses this approach to provide corporate fonts to many prominent global-scale enterprises.

Original Fonts

Type Project’s story begins with the development of a dedicated font for a design magazine. The dedicated signage typeface in use at Pola Museum of Art in Hakone (in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture) is a fine example of our work. On the basis of such achievements, we engage in ongoing development of original corporate fonts that include the kanji characters.

Companies have many things they want to communicate. The ideas that go into the products they make, for instance, and the ways they hope to be of use to society and the aims they have for the future. Type Project is proposing a corporate font that can be the ‘voice of the company’, and raise the value of written characters and expand their potential.

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