A side conversation with Masanori Sakamoto of DELTRO July 2015

This is a dialog between Isao Suzuki and DELTRO representative Masanori Sakamoto, who is active in on-screen media art direction. Though a diverse array of subjects were addressed, what’s been put together are the portions discussing role and design in fonts that weren’t recorded in the article appearing in the May 15, 2015 edition of Pen magazine.

A side conversation with Mamoru Kano of WOW July 2015

Type Project’s Isao Suzuki reunited with art director Mamoru Kano of WOW, who had worked together on a customer project previously, for an interview in Pen magazine (featured in the May 1, 2015 issue). There, they discussed UIs and typography, both of the “very near future” and “more distant future.” Below is part of their conversation that was not published in the article.

A side conversation with Manabu Mizuno of good design company June 2015

Manabu Mizuno, Creative Director of good design company and Isao Suzuki, Type Director at Type Project, became acquainted when both served as judges at a contest held in China. We give here a part of their conversation on fonts and design that was not included in the April 15th, 2015, issue of Pen magazine.

Isao Suzuki x Tota Hasegawa, talk event long version (Japanese) June 2015

Publishing the movie of the creator’s talk event by Isao Suzuki of Type Project and Tota Haesgawa, Executive Creative Director of Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo. They talked about the many topics related to the fonts.

Isao Suzuki x Tota Hasegawa, talk event short version (Japanese) June 2015

At the creator’s talk event, titled “A person who designs the font. A person who designs with a font.”, Tota Haesgawa of Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo introduced the eyewear brand TYPE which is inspired by typefaces. Isao Suzuki of Type Project announced our new service, TP Mincho FitFont.

Hama Mincho Project by Hideyo Ryoken June 2014

Hideyo Ryoken is working on Hama Mincho inspired by Yokohama 2009 that was the 150th anniversary of Yokohama port. The movie of Hama Mincho Exhibition has been shot at Hammer-head Studio.