【Interview】PFU Limited

AXIS Font was used as standard for all text content of PFU’s SnapLite website and communication tools. Everything from product concepts to promotion methods was decided primarily by a special dedicated team. We have interviewed Natsumi Sato, core team member, and Takakazu Ito, manager of the Personal Imaging Products Sales Department.

Announcing New product, AXIS Font ProN.

Type Project has announced a new product; AXIS Font ProN. AXIS Font ProN contains 15,525 characters, including Latin Italic font in all 18 weights of the three widths (Basic, Condensed, Compressed), covering 78 languages. AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed are suitable to embed in devices or application software. With this new feature, its usage will expand to navigation systems, tablets and more, not only print material or web design.

【Interview】Nippon Design Center/1-10 design

TP Mincho was used to great effect in onscreen titles and headings of the original TV animation series Aldnoah.Zero. We have interviewed Tomoyuki Arima, Chief Designer of Nippon Design Center and Takuya Sejima, Director of 1-10design who are responsible for designs realized in diverse media, from the title logo, website, advertising and pamphlets, the display screen graphics, packaging for related products, and more.

Volume discount program launched.

Type Project has launched the Volume discount program for online shop customers. We offer the volume discount for purchasing more than 5units of AXIS Font or TP Mincho. The volume discount applies only for in the case of purchase of the same product. The discount price will appear automatically when you proceed with the payment. Please visit Type Project Online shop at https://shop.typeproject.com/en/

Published Hama Mincho project movie.

Type Project has published the movie of Hama Mincho Exhibition. Hama Mincho was inspired by Yokohama 2009 that was the 150th anniversary of Yokohama port.

Announced New font, TP Mincho

Type Project has announced new font, TP Mincho. TP Mincho is a next-generation Japanese font that has innovated the concept of using contrast to control character readability. With the newly added feature of selectable contrasts for each of the typeface’s weights, it is now possible to carry out finer adjustments of density. Aiming to maximize Japanese font usability and legibility on digital devices, we have developed a typeface design that is optimized for double-byte characters in horizontal layouts.