【Interview】Pola Museum of Art

Type Project created the Pola Museum of Art logotype based on the request from Pola Design Laboratories to brush up their original design. Addition to that to fulfill the request for crisp, refined characters that would be suitable for that particularly-designed building, Type Project produced the Pola Museum of Art’s guidance signs. We have interviewed Takeshi Usui, deputy director of the museum about circumstance at the time of production.

Renewal web site launched

Type Project launched renewed web site with expanded contents than before. As a first feature, we released type tester in the Font page, and added the Interview pages of voices from customers. In the Project pages, we placed more details for each project. New contents will be added continuously in order to better serve to our customers.
Font: http://typeproject.com/fonts/
Interview: http://typeproject.com/interviews/
Project: http://typeproject.com/projects/

Announcement of Adjustable Font

At ATypI Hong Kong 2012, Type Project announced Adjustable Fonts. Providing optimized solutions for all manner of situations, such as when there seems to be no font available in the weight one is looking for, or no Japanese font that is perfectly suited to the weight of a language-specific corporate font from another country, or the horizontal strokes of characters tend to lose definition, our Adjustable Fonts respond to diverse needs, from the individual user to the large-scale corporate entity.

Participation in ATypI Hong Kong

We are participating in ATypI Hong Kong 2012. This is the first time ATypI has been held in Asia, and the theme of the conference this year is “墨 [mò] between black and white”. Type Project will give a presentation on the second day, October 11 (Thursday), entitled “Adjustable Font”. http://www.atypi.org/hong-kong-2012

Regarding temporary suspension of trial version downloads

In order to better serve our customers with expanded content, Type Project is planning a website renewal. In preparation for this renewal, as of August 1, we will be suspending downloads of trial versions for the time being. Notices will be made on the website and by email when downloads become available again.