Usage of AXIS Mincho goes into effect

AXIS design magazine began using AXIS Mincho starting with issue number 155, in commemoration of the thirtieth year since the magazine’s founding. The subject was discussed in an article in this issue entitled “An ideal Mincho font for the 21st century – AXIS Mincho”.号は12月28日発売です!/

Kinshachi Font Project exhibition held

The Kinshachi Font Project exhibition was held October 14 – 17 in the second floor atrium of the Nadya Park building, in the Sakae neighborhood of central Nagoya. On display were examples of Kinshachi Mincho and Kinshachi Black, along with basic sketches for the Nagoya dialect karuta card game, which was made using Kinshachi Font.

AXIS Latin Pro wins Good Design Award

AXIS Latin Pro received the 2010 Good Design Award (Network Division) for Digital Content. In the words of one of the members of the Judging Committee, ‘With its deep foray into the development of digital fonts and its remarkably high level of completeness, this series merits the evaluation of Good Design’.

Introduction of AXIS Mincho

AXIS Mincho was introduced at the “Design of Words 2010 / Issues in Onscreen Typography” exhibition sponsored by JAGDA.

AXIS Mincho announced

Following the release of the sans serif typeface AXIS Font, Type Project announced a Mincho typeface designed to be a next-generation seriffed typeface: AXIS Mincho. One of the defining characteristics of this font is its emphasis on character alignment and flow while aiming for optimal horizontal settability of Japanese text.
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